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  • What is Red-Line Optics Warranty?
    ​Lifetime Warranty, fully transferable, no receipt no problem. We will repair or replace your Red-Line Optics product if it ever becomes damaged or defective, at no charge to you. If we cannot fix your optics, we will replace them with a product of equal or better condition/quality. We don't care who purchased our optics or what happened in the field. If you ever have a mechanical issue, we will be here to take care of you. ​Your Red-Line Optics warranty does not cover loss, deliberate damage, theft, or cosmetic damage that does not hinder the performance of the product. Red-Line Optics has around the clock customer support centered right here in Chelan WA we are always here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out.
  • What is Red-Line Optics Build Quality?
    Our HD glass is perfectly paired in a precision matrix consisting in part of Apochromatic lens arrays optimizing three wavelength of light (Red, Green, Blue) to be transmitted. Coupled with our proprietary muliti-coating process that hardens our glass surfaces but more importantly allows the maximum amount of light absorption with multi-layers to widen the spectrum of light being transmitted. Glass and our aluminum are just a few pieces of our quality; tracking and a precision build process are our other key differentiators. Our turrets internal tracking systems are made of stainless steel with exacting precision. We hand build our artisan scopes ensuring that each piece adheres to our strictest quality guidelines, the results are top quality optics you can trust for a lifetime. After we selected our aluminum, it just made sense to name our products after WWII aircraft, reminiscing of a time when products were built to last.
  • How good are Red-Line Optics turrets and internal tracking?
    Our turrets are designed and built with the top of the line stainless steel internal components. This ensures the same precision and reliability that you would find in the industries top-of-the-line scopes. We know how important it is when you are in the field to rely on precision and repeatability not only for accuracy but to ensure that the tracking matches the gradients on your reticle. You never have to worry about any of this with Red-line Optics, we match everything and go above and beyond to ensure the tightest tolerances. Each scope is hand inspected, tested and designed to last for generations.
  • What is the quality of the glass Red-Line Optics uses?
    Some of you may have heard that there are three C’s when buying a Diamond: Color, Clarity and Cut. Optics are kind of similar with one small exception: Color, Clarity and Coating. 1) Color: Picture distortion and color transmission are a big deal; distortion is something you would sometimes see at higher magnifications with other manufactures scopes. You will hear this referred to as “Chromatic Aberration”. This chromatic aberration manifests itself as "fuzzy fringes" of color along boundaries that separate dark and bright parts of the image. Red-line Optics has mitigated this issue by selecting the best of the best lenses coupled with our proprietary multi-coating process that are then precisely placed them in a complex Apochromatic lens matrix inside each of our products. Our lens pairings allow for the maximum amount of light and color to be transmitted yielding bright, vibrant high fidelity color and exceptional clarity. 2) Clarity: To get good clarity and light transmission you really need to spend some time to precisely grind, polish and coat your lenses. Most companies shy away from this topic because they do not have good clarity or light transmission (L.T.). We have exceptional edge to edge clarity and incredible (L.T.) 98.8%, due to our proprietary lens grinding procedures and new multi-coating process. We have put this to the test and compared our clarity and light transmission against the best scopes around. We highly recommend you do the same, you will be blown away with our quality and value. 3) Coating: You will hear multi-coated optics as a term thrown around, but what is that? Coating is one of the most important steps when making durable, clear, non-color distorted and high light transmission lens. For most manufacturers this means one or two coats of an industry standard solution containing one earth element like silver oxide. We have discovered a new way; it is a proprietary solution with many earth elements that is applied over and over until the micro pores of the glass are completely saturated. The results will astound you! If a company does not tell you about these three things think twice before buying!
  • Which Red-Line scope is right for me?
    This will depend upon your application. We will try and give a quick run down of the high level differences between each scope: F4U-Corsair II: 5-30x56, FFP, MRAD, Zero Stop, Illuminated etched glass Christmas-tree reticle, 34mm monotube. This is our Top-Of-The Line scope containing 16 lenses with over built internal tracking mechanisms and a thicker walled aluminum monotube design. Designed to withstand the continual recoil of a .50 BMG. Because of its design and amount of glass the scope weighs in at 1100g or 2.4lbs. With its 27MIL's of elevation and 14.5MIL's of windage adjustments this is a great scope for distance precision hunting/shooting. P-38 Lightning: 6-24x50, FFP, MRAD, Zero Stop, etched glass Christmas-tree reticle 30 mm monotube. This scope contains 9 HD lenses with zero stop precision turrets and tracking built to withstand the continued recoil of a .338 Lapua. This scope weighs in at 700g or 1.8lbs. This is the perfect scope with 17.5MIL's of internal adjustments to bridge the gap between precision long range shooting and hunting. This scope with its weight and features is designed to do it all. P-47 Thunderbolt II: 6-24x50, SFP, MRAD, Locking precision turrets, etched glass Christmas-tree reticle, 1" monotube: This scope contains 9 HD lenses with locking turrets, built for competitive rimfire but tested to withstand the recoil of a 30-06. This scope weighs in at 660g or 1.45lbs. This scope is very versatile and to name a few, has been placed on competitive .22lr, custom AR's in .223 and 300 black out, 6.5 Creedmoor, 30-30's, and 30-06 hunting rifles. Due to its' tube diameter this scope does not have as much internal adjustments (11.6MIL's) when compared to our other 2 scopes but the Christmas-tree reticle gives you another 8MIL's of hold overs to take that farther shot without ever having to twist the turrets.
  • If I buy from the website and don't like it can I return it?
    Certainly, we offer hassle-free returns for an extended period of 45 days, a notable contrast to Amazon's Prime policy, which allows returns for only 30 days. Our confidence in the quality of our products is so unwavering that we go the extra mile by covering the shipping costs to and from your address. Therefore, if you ever wish to return a product, rest assured, we've got you covered!
  • Where are Red-Line Scopes made?
    Today: Based on our designs we source our components from a variety of different places based on our stringent quality standards then have them assembled in China. We spent a lot of time selecting our current partner. We rent out our production line from a facility with the latest and greatest state-of-the-art equipment and clean room that is directed by us with the best quality control possible. This was the best option to ensure the absolute best quality in our price categories. To ensure the tightest quality standards, we also have a representative from our company on the ground in China to ensure our stringent quality metrics are being followed. Lastly, we have every product sent to us right here in Washington state for final inspection and testing before they are packed and shipped to your door. This ensures the top most quality for your hard earned money. Tomorrow: As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, we're excited to share our plans for expansion. We're diligently working on new product lines, set to be manufactured in the Philippines and Japan. We've already finished the production of our first samples from both locations. This process will take some time to refine but we are committed to excellence ensuring you always receive the best quality products at affordable prices.
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