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About Red-Line Optics

Crafted with precision, rigorously tested, all to ensure you receive the best value for your money.

We are an optics company firmly grounded in the realm of engineering, drawing inspiration from both history and the beauty of optical craftsmanship.


Our Story

Rooted in technology and based in the rain-soaked realm of Washington state, Our tale kicks off with the humble beginnings of our main character: Sam Sudore. Sam is a guy who's been shooting his whole life and has competed on the 1000 as far back as 1999. Sam has worked hard his entire life, he said coming from nothing makes you pretty hungry. So he worked, saved his pennies and obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington. It is here that he gained his love for lasers and the complex engineering required for building precision optics.  A few years back, Sam went on the hunt for affordable optics that didn't break the bank. After a lot of wasted time and money he said, "Seriously, there's got to be a better way to do this!" So, armed with over 30 years of business, designing and building high-end consumer products all coupled with cutting edge engineering principles Red-Line Optics was born! We are engineered to be the best! Everything we do is designed to last for generations. We use state of the art engineering to keep the quality high and the costs to you as low as possible. Buying from us means you get more fully multi-coated ED lenses, top of the line internals and tracking, the most versatile reticle designs and proprietary precision turrets all at prices that wont break the bank!

Our Mission

To provide you with the features and quality you'd expect to pay twice as much for. Designed for new and experienced hunters, competition shooters, and marksmen, Red-Line Optics is your greatest precision partner. Welcome to the future of accuracy.

Let's Geek Out

We worked hard in the pursuit of acquiring and sourcing our exclusive ED glass. Through a ground breaking meticulously stringent multi-coating process, we have captured lightning in a bottle when it comes to optimizing light absorption and multi-color wavelength transmission, this yields unparalleled optical performance. We have to emphasize that superior glass is a fraction of what defines an exceptional optics product. There is a ton of math involved used to calculate the marriage of lens curvature, both concave and convex, as well as precise lens positioning and their synergistic pairing.

To bring these products to market we had to harness multiple fundamental principles including Snell's Law, underpinning the nature of light's behavior at the boundaries of different media, along with the Translation and Refraction Matrix frameworks. Furthermore, we leverage Apochromatic lens matrices, bending the dispersion properties of light to greatly mitigate any chromatic aberrations. These intricate principles are harnessed within the complex design of our scopes and binoculars, meticulously calibrated through the discernment of Frauhofer's spectral lines. The culmination of these endeavors yields optical perfection that present an array of vivid hues and redefine visual fidelity!


What Sets Us Apart

  • One of our many innovation include the meticulous use of Apochromatic lenses instead of the more common Achromatic doublets seen with our competition. Here is what that means: Achromatic doublets: composed of a two-lens system, this system only transmits red and blue light, resulting in that hint of purple or blue glow. In contrast, we've harnessed the prowess of our meticulously designed Apochromatic 3-lens pairing system, enabling the transmission of red (620nm), green (530nm), and blue (465nm) light. While this comes with a higher production cost, the payoff is unparalleled color fidelity and a significant reduction in chromatic aberration – that unsightly fuzzy fringe that tends to appear at higher magnifications in optics of lesser quality.

  • Now, let's unveil the mystery of multi-coating, a term that often gets thrown around without much explanation. In essence, multi-coating entails not only hardening the glass surface but, more crucially, broadening the spectrum of absorbed light while minimizing reflected light. The more layers of coatings, the broader the spectrum of light transmission. We've gone to great lengths to saturate every micro pore of our glass while subjecting it to a multi-immersion processes to ensure the utmost breadth of light spectrum absorption and transmission. While this might put a bit more strain on the budget, it is totally worth the end result.

  • Quality control is our mantra, underscored by a comprehensive and rigorous procedure that governs our production line, resulting in a near-zero failure rate. Taking it up another notch, we roll up our sleeves and personally test each product right here in Washington before final packaging and shipping it to your doorstep. This additional layer of scrutiny ensures that our customers receive nothing short of the finest quality for their hard-earned investment.

  • Our dedication doesn't end with manufacturing – it extends into unwavering customer support. We wholeheartedly stand behind our products, pledging to replace or repair any product, at no cost including shipping, should anything falter in the field. It's a testament to our commitment to excellence and our drive to ensure you get the most out of your hard earned money.

Meet The Team

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