Our Story:

Red-Line Optics is based in Chelan County right in the heart of Washington State. Our founder Sam Sudore is a long-distance shooter, and optics enthusiast. He was on the hunt for scopes with top quality glass and tracking, but the search for these scopes at an affordable price proved to be nearly impossible. In an effort to make competition optics more accessible, Red-Line Optics came to life.

We have the best affordable scope on the market. We are hardworking Americans just like you. Our mission is to offer you the best optics money can buy. 


Build Quality:

We searched the globe and found new groundbreaking technology that produces the highest quality glass with a proprietary grind and a multi-coated optical process containing over 14 rare earth elements. The results are crystal clear sight picture, best light transmission, longest eye relief and very large sight box. We are made with the best aircraft grade aluminum available; our products are tough as nails and designed to last for generations. After we selected our aluminum, it just made sense to name our products after WWII aircraft, reminiscing of a time when products were built to last.

Glass and our aluminum are just a few pieces of our quality: tracking and a precision build process are our other key differentiators. Our turrets and internal tracking systems are sourced from one of the top manufacturers in Germany. We hand build our artisan scopes ensuring that each piece adheres to our strictest quality guidelines, the results are top quality optics you can trust for a lifetime.


Lifetime Warranty, fully transferable, no receipt no problem.

We will repair or replace your Red-Line Optics product if it ever becomes damaged or defective, at no charge to you. If we cannot fix your optics, we will replace them with a product of equal or better condition/quality. We don't care who purchased our optics or what happened in the field.  If you ever have a mechanical issue, we will be here to take care of you. ​Your Red-Line Optics warranty does not cover loss, deliberate damage, theft, or cosmetic damage that does not hinder the performance of the product. Red-Line Optics has around the clock customer support centered right here in Chelan WA we are always here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out.


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